Green men that are currently grey

Green Men carvings in churches and cathedrals I’vefound quite cool recently.  So, at the end of the Christmas holiday I decided to be arty and make my own little green man to hang on the wall – or an least try!  Not really knowing where to start I went to the art shop in town and bought a small chunk of air dry clay (kiln dry we be no good, I have no kiln), not knowing which to buy I went for the cheapest, well I wasn’t expecting amazing results!

Modelling is not something I’ve done before, and it’s 18 years (I think) since my hands were last sticky with clay – so I didn’t have a clue what to do.  Expecting more mess than was made I covered the kitchen table in newspaper and made a circle of wire and then cut a big chunk from the block of clay.  It was guey and sticky and initially I decided the whole plan was a mistake but after a while it became quite shapeable and I was able to make a face like structure, I inserted the wire inside so I’d have something to hang it on the wall from.  My fingers went in and formed two eye sockets and then after rolling two balls he had a set of eyes, perfect!  Next up the nose, a triangle as made and I edged it in, then a mouth was added, so far so good!  But not quite a green man.   So, leaves were cut and stuck on the top, perfect, now that looked a bit more like what I was intending.

It was fun and creative, hardly a work of art but that was beside the point.  I enjoyed it so much I made another straight away.  They’re pictured below –


After two days air drying I found they were quite brittle and one of the bits broke off – but with a bit of water it was easy to put back on.  Internet Research was done and another trip to the art shop was made to buy some hardener, which painted on it should make the clay harder and less likely to break, hopefully!

Next up comes painting them, I hope this makes them look better and not worse, either way I’ve got the picture above of how they looked before I started.  The paints have been purchased (Acrylics) from the supermarket in town, half price in their post Christmas sale!


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