Lahannya at the Portland Arms – 9th April 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the Portland Arms, too long, My Friend Irma back in the year 2000 would have been my last visit.  They serve fine ales (i was on St Edmunds tonight, a golden light ale) and have a great music room out the back.  Four bands were on tonight and third were metallers AR who delivered a set that was, very metal.
AR live at the Portland Arms
Early Metallica meets Sacred Reich with comical moments and very heavy guitar work, a band I’d check out again, you should do so – I was told i had a grin on my face throughout their whole performance.

I’d only discovered Lahannya a few weeks ago, fine industrial metal that has been resident on my ipod since, imagine Lacuna Coil meets Rammstein.  They took the stage around 10ish and played heavily from the recent excellent Defiance album to the small crowd.  Lahannya live at the Portland Arms Cambridge
Thumping and tight bass lines from Lutz Demmler, matched with headbanging guitar work and Lahannya’s dark vocals and ability to capture the immediate attention of all in the room result in an amazing show, this is a band with a presence that could fill a much larger stage.  Having got used to rocking tracks like Sick and Tired and Burn through my ipod it was great to hear them live and loud.
The gig finishes at 11 and I get my newly purchased CD signed, hopefully they will return and I’m guessing next time it would be to a larger crowd.
Lahannya are well worth checking out if you haven’t come across them yet –

Lahannya on Youtube

Lahannya on Myspace


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