Steve Hogarth – live in his birthday suit (London 14/5/10)

“In all the time that I’ve known you, You’ve been so edgy and nervous” these were the lyrics the stage with candlesthat introduced me to the current Marillion years ago when Steve Hogarth took over from Fish. Yep – the first album Season’s End passed me by, but a 12″ picture disk of Dry Land re-introduced me to the band. They are the same Lyrics that kick off tonight’s show with Steve Hogarth in a white suit behind his piano.

The contrast between this low key show and the pyrotechnic filled Kiss from last Wednesday couldn’t have been larger, but armed with just a piano, a set list partly suggested by calls from the crowd, a set of anecodotes and jokes and a very powerful voice tonight Steve entertained us for more than two hours.

Attending the gig with Tim (creator of the Rainbow Room site dedicated to Steve’s previous bands) we enjoyed a pint or Peroni and meal in a pub just down the road from the garage before joining the fairly massive queue to get in.  The stage was layed out with candles and Steve’s piano.

Steve Hogarth

Marillion live are always a very exciting live act – the sum of 5 tremendous musicians, but Steve solo would be something new for me, and his talent as a powerful vocalist really shone.  From Marillion tracks, to How We Live, to the Beatles and even a Talking heads cover with several members of the audience helping on keyboard duties.  You could tell that some requests were unreheared but were performed with amusing charm.

Beautiful, You’re Gone, Fantastic Place, Hurt (Johnny Cash I think?) the set list was fab – and Hogarth with fans on stagethe joke about the tesco worker did make me laugh.  Even the heckled joke “I went to tesco and asked if they could split up a multipack of coke, but they says ‘no one can’ ” was enough to make me chuckle – you need to be into Marillion to get that one though.

A top night from a great vocalist!


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