Bat The Symphony – Cambridge Corn Exchange 11th June 2010

Steve Steinman in Bat The SymphonyTonight’s gig was a Meat Loaf tribute rock extravaganza “Bat The Symphony” and it started with two surprises from the ticket.  Firstly – the time on the ticket – 19:30 – now that would usually mean the time the doors will open, the time that you can go through to find a pint, see the merch, and wait for the inside doors to the auditorium to open at which point you get the “one two, one two” mic test, gaffer tape and power chord display from the roadcrew for half an hour before the gig starts.

Not tonight – 19:30 means 19:30 start, so within a minute of getting our drinks the lights go down.  ROCK, beats the standing around and it would be great if this set a new trend.  And not only that but whereas you’d expect row A to be the front row, tonight in the Corn Exchange row H is the front, so I’d expected to be several rows back but our seats are right bang in the middle of the front.

Bat The Symphony at the Cambridge Corn ExchangeThrough a white curtain the drums start thumping, played by silhouette’s of giants before curtain drop, blinding lights and a rockin “life is a lemon & I want my money back” – I’m sure no one here tonight will be asking for the latter.  This isn’t a gig – which is possibly why it started on the ticket specified time – it’s a large rock show.  Backed with an orchestra, a rock band, violinist, saxophonist and backing singers Steve Steinman takes the lead role performing Meat Loaf classics as himself rather than as Meat Loaf.  With comical audience banter, jokes about the wolf whistles being for his guitarists and not him we get classics from all three Bat out of Hell records.

So, I sit back with my pint of – lager unfortunately – and enjoy the spectacle from a distance where sweat from the stage shakes off onto my face.  We’re treated to a solo performance of “it’s coming back to me now” from one of the rocking backing singers/dancers Emily Clark (I hopefully have that name right) and all that you could ask for from the 3 Bat albums -I’d do anything for love, paradise by the dashboard, dead ringer…

Bat the Symphony backing singerThe final could only be Bat out of Hell – complete with walls of fire and in the front row I really did feel the heat.  I’ve never seen the real Meat Loaf play live so i cant compare to the original article but tonight totally rocked, flying V’s a plenty!  After the show at it’s only 10pm – so the evening is yet young.  The whole cast are in the reception to sign the DVDs of show so I picked up a copy to take home to enjoy it all again.

The same folk also do Vampires Rock – so well worth checking out.

They’ve got a promo video on YouTube so I’ve embedded that below – crank the speakers up loud for this one!


2 thoughts on “Bat The Symphony – Cambridge Corn Exchange 11th June 2010

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