The Delays – Cambridge Haymakers – 8 June 2010

Last time I saw the Delays was a baking hot night at the short lived Cambridge barfly – tonight they are back in town but this time at the Chesterton haymakers – it almost doesn’t seem right, no disrespect to the Haymakers which is a great venue, but it just a band like this I would have expected to be playing somewhere a bit larger like the Junction.  Still, they are in Cambridge tonight, and some nice real ale (waggle dance) is on offer so there are no complaints from me!Delays at the Cambridge Haymakers

The Delays are not the usual sort of band I’d listen to (no flying V’s and amps up to 11 tonight)  – but something quirky and quaint about their music makes them stand out, maybe that’s because they are one of the only bands from that genre that I have listened to but either way I enjoy the sound that they bash out.  And tonight with my right ear up against the PA they bash it out loud, it’s ok i think to myself, I have the left ear for any hearing I need to do tomorrow.

The crowd reaction to songs both new and old would have left anyone seeing them for the first time lost as to what was new and what was a well known live classic, but the hits stand out to me (long time coming & hey girl) as that’s the album I’m most familiar with.  For the last couple of the songs we retire with drink to the rear of the pub where they have a large screen showing the gig.

Here is their website – their new album is out on the 21st of June and they said they’ll be back on the road in the autumn!

Below is a couple of short clips I caught on my small cheap camera –


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