Lacuna Coil – Relentless Garage – 8/10/2010

Cristina Scabbia Lacuna Coil at the Relentless GarageTonight I did something different and had a special VIP ticket for Lacuna Coil’s gig at the Relentless Garage.  The deal was a meet and greet, free shirt and a ticket to what was sure to be an awesome gig for a few more quid than the standard ticket price.  So it kicked off with a meet and greet with the band where they keenly shook hands with everyone and signed posters and anything else put in front of them – even an italian flag that someone had the genius idea to bring along.  Next the band they did individual photo’s with everyone taken by a guy in a motorhead shirt – that was a great surprise and rare opportunity to have a cool picture taken with the band.

After the meet and greet the venue was then opened up and first on stage at 7:30 were support band Slaves to Gravity.  The stage was pretty crammed with the drum kit right at the front,  you don’t often get to see a drummer in action this close up, and tonight drummer Jason Bowld whacks the hell out of the kit with a grin on his face that suggests he never wants to stop.  The Slaves were a fast heavy grunge/metal , I wish I’d checked them out before the show as they were pretty cool for a support band, and they have a new single out on download that I’ll probably check out.

Andrea Ferro live at the Relentless Garage 8/10/2010The last time I saw Lacuna Coil was at Sonisphere on a huge festival stage, a complete contrast to tonight where the stage was much smaller – not to knock the Relentless Garage which was a great small, atmospheric and easy to get to venue, it just looked small for this well established and awesome 6 piece.

Coming on stage at 8:30  Underdog, I’m not afraid, I won’t tell you, Fragile every song you could hope for was blasted out.  And I was never into Depeche Mode when they were around  but Lacuna’s take on Enjoy the Silence was great.  Heaven’s a lie got a massive sing along too.  The sound was great, and the lights blinding  – no problems there, and each song was received like a greatest hit from the folk in the crowd.  Marco picked up a flower that had been thrown on stage (kind of similar to the yellow one from the Comalies CD cover) and tried to add it onto the end of his bass, but it wasn’t to be and the stalk snapped.  On vocals Cristina and Andrea got the audience going, possibly the greatest duo for vocals in metal, and even with such little space to jump around in they put on a great energetic show.

It was pretty hot up front and about 50 minutes into the gig partly prompted by realising the number of short people behind me that we’re trying to take pictures I swapped the barrier for the bar and headed to the back for a Guinness – it went down very well!  Watching the remainder of the gig from nearer the back was as much of a spectacle, with the view of all the heads of folk going up and down to the music.  The gig was an early finish before 10, which was great for convenience in terms of getting back to Cambridge, still buzzing from a great gig on the train home.  Let’s hope they return to the UK sometime soon.


Me with the band


Lacuna Coil official site –

Lacuna Coil Myspace –

Slaves To Gravity –

Official Video for Spellbound


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