Vampires Rock – Cambridge Corn Exchange 23/10/2010

(Official video – play loud!)

Steve Steinman and Baron RockulaTonight the Corn Exchange was transformed into the Live at Let Die club, home of Baron Rockula.  Filled with an eerie mist the thud of the Enter Sandman’s opening riff pulsed through the venue, tonight’s vampire house band “The Lost Boys” appearing on stage as silhouettes to open tonight’s vampire fest.  We’d taken our seats shortly beforehand after learning at the last event (Bat the Symphony) that when the ticket says 19:30, the start time really is 19:30, and row H is row 1.  Only the opening riffs of sandman were used, following was the distinct guitar sound of another 80s classic.

At the back of the stage a skull with lit up eyes and bat wings coming out from either side, on stage left and right cages with dancing ladies, to the rear of the stage the lost boys in their corpse paint, and from behind the curtain tonight’s main vampire Rockula (Steve Steinman) comes on to his first number “Welcome to the Jungle”.  You’re in the jungle baby.. You’re gonna die, performed by tonight’s group of the undead makes a perfect opening to the tale, will we get out alive?  Well, its not just those on stage who have fangs!

Emily Clarke as PandoraBaron Rockula is looking for a new front woman to front up his band in Cambridge tonight, aided by is slightly hapless janitor – whom is not allowed to sing but ends up doing so, and very well.  Pandora (played by Emily Clarke), a pretty, innocent looking girl who wants to be a rock and roll star turns up in hope of fronting the band – and from rockin the venue with “Holding out for a hero” and is soon accepted as the bride for Rockula.  With her amazing rockin voice Emily is one of the real stars of the show!

A vampiristic trip with comedy and story in between many songs from the likes AC DC, Guns N Roses, Queen and the two highlights for me being Alice Cooper’s Poison (sung by Pandora shortly after she’d turned full vamp) and the rockin rendition of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” could an undead vampire show get any better than this?  Being front row does come with it’s risk – especially when Janitor Bossley the janitor took a fancy to my partner much to her amusement and Baron Rockula laid on the apologies.  At the front you also enjoy the full power of the pyros, and strangely nice smell of the gunpowder.

After the show all the stars where in the Corn Exchange foyer bar to pose for photographs – what an amazing show with a very talented cast, I hope it returns again next year.

Renee Rocks at the Corn Exchange


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