Pythia and Lahannya – London Scala 12/11/10

Pythia live at the London Scala 12/11/10

I discovered two new bands in 2010, Pythia and Lahannya, and their albums Beneath the Veiled Embrace and Defiance have been two of the most played albums on my ipod since.  Tonight it was down to London for a gig featuring both great bands, this time on my own but looking forward to a night of great metal.

Pythia live at the London Scala 12/11/10The London Scala is very convenient coming from Cambridge, just a few metres from Kings Cross, so no tubes to wait for.  And getting there early I had the chance to pop to a nearby Irish bar for a cheeky pint beforehand.  First up, a band I wasn’t expecting on the bill – Life below light, fast tempos and metal screaming a band that are in your face demanding attention for the duration of their 30 minute set.  Hang-em-high and Body counts are stand out tracks even for me, someone who has never seen or heard them before.  They raise a smile when the bassist walks too far from his amp pulling the jack plug out and then realises why there is no sound, and a guitarist that skips in circles in a style I thought was unique to Scott Ian.  I’m sure they are a band that will do well next year.

Pythia are a band that I’ve looked forward to seeing live for some time, the crowd thickens especially down the front during the super fast 15 minute change over between bands.  To the intro music the band come onto the stage in mediaeval style dress as if they have just walked from the battlements, presumably exchanging swords for stringed electric weapons in the process.  I’m directly opposite bassist Andy Nixon-Corfield who has a great overdriven bass sound, I make a metal note that if I see him later I’ll ask what he uses to get that tone, I don’t see him so I don’t get to ask.  Once vocalist Emily Alice Ovenden takes to the stage she captivates the Scala for the whole show with her strong stage presence and amazing voice. We get Sarah, Tristan, Sweet Cantation and many others in the too short 30 minute set.  The audience growls “There is No Compromise” to kick off No Compromise and we get treated to a new track too Just a lie, which suggests the new album won’t disappoint when it comes out – at the bottom of the post I’ve embedded a youtube video of this song from the night taken from Pythian69’s youtube channel.

During the short break between the Pythia and Lahannya Emily can be found on the merch stand signing CDs and Calendars, you can also buy some excellently designed shirts, the Emily in Chains shirt rocks, and is printed on heavy cotton so it will keep it’s shape unlike some gig shirts.

Lahannya live at the London Scala 12/11/10

Now we move a thousand years or so into the future from the scene set by Pythia.  We were lucky enough to see Lahannya in Cambridge earlier in the year – their gothic industrial metal sounds like the soundtrack to what the Earth will be like after the machines take over and only the resistance Lahannya live at the London Scala 12/11/10remain.  Lahannya herself has confidence and powerful vocals, and with her large leather boots and blue hair delivers a rockin set alongside bassist Lutz Demmler and guitarist Christopher Milden .  And it’s great to see them on a larger stage than in Cambridge earlier in the year with more room to run around.
Dying Inside and Sick and Tired would be two of my most played tracks, and we get them both within the first 30 minutes tonight, tracks that you cannot stay still to.
We also get new track Scavenger which picks up nicely where the Defiance album left off – with thunderous drums and bass you really appreciate what an excellent job the sound guys have done tonight.  Outside there is a special edition DVD and CD for sale featuring a video live performance from 2009 and the track Scavenger, one to take home.

Both Pythia and Lahannya had a stage presence worthy of much larger crowds – hopefully 2011 will see new albums and tours from both bands playing longer sets, having both play the on the same bill tonight was a treat.



Lahannya live at the Cambridge Portland Arms blog post


Excellent videos from the night are available on Pythian69’s Youtube Channel:

Two embedded below –

Pythia: Just A Lie

Lahannya: Scavenger


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