Unit Nine & Viking Skull – Cambridge 11/03/11

Unit Nine 9 at the Cambridge Junction

A great night for metal in Cambridge!  Arriving at the venue early to catch Unit Nine the band who are kicking of the night of metal early I found myself amongst several people at the Junction doors for 7pm.  The doors remain shut, blue lights are flashing and a fire engine has arrived.  The fire brigade enter the building, as does the queue, the queue then turns round and leaves the building, there was something comical and predictable about that. But despite a small delay to entry there is still leaves time to get to the bar before the evening kicks off.

Unit Nine at the Cambridge Junction
Unit Nine are described as a “behemoth” of a band and they live up to such a title, providing  a relentless 30 minutes of fist in the air metal, Pantera meets Motorhead meets ACDC.  Last time I saw these guys it was at the much smaller Portland Arms where I caught the end of their set (supporting Lahannya) and it felt like the walls could fall in with the heavy pounding that was being delivered.  For a band who’s material was largely unfamiliar to me tonights set was great – instantly catchy heavy metal.

Tonight I’d really come here to see Viking Skull, and for the first time.  Many years ago at this venue I watched Raging Speedhorn, a band who’s members went on to form Viking Skull, although from those on stage tonight I think only guitarist Frank Regan remains from that lineup.

Viking Skull 3
Heavy riffs and metal swagger  – we get 45 minutes of intense heroic Viking Skull metal.  Black Sabbath via Clutch meets thrash performed by barbarians hitting Cambridge hard tonight.  Guitars aimed at the crowd, lights strobing, heads down, pure no nonsense classic in your face metal.

Viking Skull at the Cambridge Junction

A set with no slow moments, ferocious doom, gloom heartache and whiskey.   In Hell is a highlight, Red Hot Woman is rockin, 45 minutes and they’re done, and a great 45 minutes that was.

Orange Goblin were the act to finish the night and I was on the bus back home with my new unit nine  CD and Viking Skull shirt (a shirt guaranteed to impress my mates according to the band).  Viking Skull had sold out of their latest CD on the merch stall – one I’ll seek down online.

Unit Nine: http://www.myspace.com/unitnine9

Viking Skull: http://www.myspace.com/vikingskull


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