Revamp & Epica – London Scala 15/3/11

Revamp live at the London Scala

Last time I was at the London Scala it was for the Pythia/Lahannya gig, and tonight at least 5 folk in Pythia shirts walk past me in the queue – a shame all four bands aren’t playing tonight as that would be some gig to go to.  For me this was my first Epica show – I only have their last two studio albums and as the Scala is easily accessible from Cambridge I thought I’d make the trip.

Floor with Revamp at the London Scala Revamp at the London Scala
First up tonight are ReVamp – I’d just purchased their CD last week so already some of the tunes were familiar.  With the doors opening at just gone 7:30 and the queue being fairly slow there was very little time before ReVamp hit the stage at 8.  The lights dimmed and orchestral music boomed from the PA, followed by the explosive drumming and we were into “Here’s My Hell”.  The crowd that had moments before been pretty still started to move round a bit more at this stage – no swirling pits or anything, just heads and arms in the air.  And it felt like every one in the house was taking pictures on camera or mobile phones the minute Floor hit the stage.  The set, well, it was awesome.  The crowd treated them as if they could have been headlining, and they responded to that energy by putting on a very lively set – promising to come back to the UK very soon to do more dates.  The set could only have been 40 minutes or so.

Epica live

The filler music during the stage transfer is rarely much to listen to – but tonight they cranked up Sepultura’s cover of Orgasmatron.  Wow, was that deliberately louder or did it just sound that way.  A track I haven’t listened to for so long but i’ve hunted out my copy to play whilst writing this blog.

Simone from Epica - London Scala Simone from Epica at the London Scala

Once again the lights dimmed and the background music kicked in – a similar formula for Epica with the band kicking first with Resign to Surrender with Mark Jansen’s very metal vocals, Simone Epica live at the London ScalaSimons soon came onto the stage to a similar greeting of every camera and mobile phone in the house that Floor had received.  Strobe lighting however doesn’t make for great pictures – hence the snaps on this blog are grainy, but gigs are about live music rather than taking snaps so that is no complaint.  The set was full of energy – as were the crowd.  I was constantly whipped by hair flying from both sides, although the small moshing that kicked in wasn’t more than a few shoves in the back – with the energy that was being pumped from the stage a still crowd wouldn’t have seemed right.  Such headbanging was frequent on stage tonight – I don’t think I have ever seen female singers headbang as much as Simone and Floor did tonight.

The scala was truly packed out solid tonight so I’d presume it was a sell out.  I’m not familiar enough with their material to list the whole set but I’m sure that when Epica play the UK again I’ll want to get a ticket and I’m imagine it will be in a larger venue than they played tonight.  Whether we’ll be lucky enough to see these two bands on the same bill again I’m not sure, but we can hope so.  I made the journey home back to Cambridge on the train with my new prized Epica Merchandise – an Epica signed clock.  Very metal.



Femme Metal Festival (next UK appearance for ReVamp)


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