AR – Man on the Moon Cambridge – 19/3/11

AR live at the Man on the Moon

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Man on the Moon pub, the last visit being for My Friend Irma (great now gone Cambridge band), and since then the place has clearly been done up and improved.  Awesome lights with pulsing  style lasers and a great sound system

AR live at the Man on the MoonI saw AR support Lahannya about this time last year at the Portland Arms in Cambridge and they were great – old school style thrash.  Tonight they were third on a bill of 4 metal bands and I was keen to see them again.

Mixing Annihilator with Megadeth and a touch of Acid Reign they delivered a set of very complex, technical, tight and instantly catchy thrash.  Problems hit within the first song with Jhon Issac’s guitar amp packing up but they are soon resolved and the set continues.  Throughout the set AR mix strong melodies with incredibly fast guitar work, strong relentless bass and many animated stage expressions adding humour to the set.  As much their sound reminds me of so many bands from the days when music was bought on vinyl they definitely have their own unique edge.

They have 2 track CD’s on offer at just a pound each, and they come with free AR stickers featuring a hedgehog, I don’t know what the hedgehog is about but then I’m also not sure what AR stands for – Alternate Reality?  Maybe I’ll ask next time.  If they produce an album soon it will be one not to miss, 10 or so tracks of this quality would be something special.

AR live at the Man on the Moon

The short set finishes with “The Trade” – their finest in my opinion and a song that would have fitted nicely on any late eighties or early nineties thrash album – if you like thrash want to hear something new I recommend finding that track on their Myspace.

AR Myspace:


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