Black Spiders – Cambridge Haymakers – 10/5/2011

Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers

I got a bit held up before the gig tonight so to get there mean’t driving (and as a consequence no ale – d’oh) – the haymakers car park was a bit rammed as you’d imagine but I found an empty layby just down the road.

First up Federal Black , the bass is up loud and in my ear but they sort that soon and they play a storming 30 minute set.  There music was straight heavy rock – reminded me of early Almighty shows, and they had some awesome guitar Quo’esque guitar moves with big grins.

Japanese Voyeurs live at the Cambridge Haymakers 10/5/2011

Following Federal Black are Japanese Voyeurs and standing with one ear almost on the PA it’s kind of loud, too loud – I move, that’s better.  metal edged annoyed grungy PJ Harvey with frequent headbanging.   They power through an all to short 30 minute set

I first saw the Black Spiders as a support act at the Cambridge Junction – they became my new favourite band after that one set, the ultimate in heavy rock’n’roll – and possibly alongside Pythia as the most exciting new band I’ve heard for years.  They put out a few EPs that were just tasters before the awesome Sons of the North CD, so having the chance to see them in Cambridge tonight was a chance not to be missed.

Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers  Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers

Stay Down with its audience participation, fingers in the air and just complete rock attitude comes second in the set tonight, there’s a track that’s been on my ipod for the last year and just calls out for having the volume turned up whilst listening to.

Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers   Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers

On stage they are explosive – being restricted to the small stage is no problem to them, guitars are being thrown in all directions for the whole set, standing on the amps Pete Spiby almost vanishes into the ceiling whilst guitarist Ozzy Lister ventures out into the crowd.

We sing KISS’s Black Diamond – only it isn’t a diamond we’re singing about, “ooooh, black spider”.  Kiss get a great song “KISS tried to kill me” all about a bizarre dream involving Gene and Paul but it “wasn’t Ace’s fault“.

Black Spiders live at the Cambridge Haymakers

Just like a woman is dedicated to the women in the crowds by Ozzy Lister to celebrate his “15th” birthday.  Blood of the Kings with its high tempo almost bouncing chorus is the ultimate in high octane metal.  Drummer Tiger Si pulls faces like a crazy animal and between songs is hanging onto the ceiling and surveying the audience to ensure that everyone is participating and enjoying themselves.

Stay Down there’s a brand new force in town” from their classic Stay Down sums it up – the Black Spiders rock and are probably the most exciting new band you could hope to see live right now.  They have big beards, rock’n’roll attitude, a fine set of hard rocking tunes and did I mention big beards?  The next day my ears were ringing – it was worth it.

Black Spiders:

Japanese Voyeurs:

Federal Black:

Video for Just Like A Woman – Go on – check them out!!


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