Terrorizer inspiring how I can reduce the space taken up by CDs

I liked tapes, I loved vinyl and I like CDs – but despite what I do in my job (which is future looking tech based) when it comes to music I’m not yet ready to move into the mp3 age.  Music is more than just digital source, it’s the lyric book, the cover artwork, the ability to flick through a few, admire the covers to Motorhead’s Bomber or Rock’n’Roll, Pythia’s The Serpent’s Curse or Alice Cooper’s Raise your Fist and Yell – before deciding which one to play loud.

But – shelf space is limited.  Doubling up my CDs on the shelf just isn’t good, one topples, they all fall off, crash, a few plastic cases break, the cover is distorted by a big crack with extra white edges.  So I looked for an effective storage solution that cut down the space required.

First of all – the thinning out, I looked at what can go to charity.  Sorry nu-metal, you’ve been collecting dust for too long, except Coal Chamber, not finished with you yet.  Next up box based storage solutions – the thing is that however you stack a few CDs they still take up the same amount of space, and if any efficiency is gained it’s at the detriment of accessibility of being able to actually get hold of the CD.  So – I was stuck, how do I reduce the space they take up?  I like cover art and lyric books, so buying a CD wallet was out of the question.

Inspiration came from an issue of Terrorizer magazine and it’s double free CD on the cover.  A free double CD in a gatefold sleeve plastic sleeve.  Interesting, I thought to myself!  Selecting a CD (Natalie Imbrugulia) I gave it a go.  The front artwork fitted perfectly in the front pouch, the back artwork slid into the back, CD in, what I had here was a mini vinyl – it genuinely looked like the old days when you’ve buy protective covers for vinyl records.  It looked great and took up a third the space of a standard CD.  I needed more of these innovative CD covers, this could work!

CD Gatefold Sleeve

The CD gatefold sleeve from an issue of Terrorizer (but the displayed contents wasn't from Terrorizer....)

I was keen but finding such items wasn’t easy, a trip to Cambridge didn’t result in any on the shelf, many Google searches later and I struck!  I found a company selling them – first of all UK based CDS media – http://www.cdsmedia.co.uk/CD/CD_Storage_Sleeves/Polyprop_CDDVD_Double_Gatefold_Wallet.aspx

£2.65 for 25 of these little things, couldn’t be bad!  So I ordered some.

But further reading led to another solution  – the only other place that I could find was the Jazz Loft in the USA – http://www.jazzloft.com/p-34281-space-saving-cd-sleeves.aspx – ones which were specifically made for this purpose so I ordered them via their ebay shop to see what they would be like.

Firstly the CDS Media ones were smaller and stiff, for turning jewel cases into smaller works of art these were ideal – and they could be stored easily in a small box from paperchase.  Flicking through the box was a similar experience to the days of flicking through a box of 7″ vinyl.  And it enabled me to keep those CDs (Gina G) that I couldn’t face giving to charity but maybe didn’t need to be on display.  Theres is only one disadvantage – due to the size it results in the need to add a fold to the inlay tray slightly, but that is minor, it forms a neat small compact and visually desirable pack, and not only looks cool but saves space, and and provides a great flick through set in a small box.
Next up – Jazzloft‘s space saving CD packs – designed specifically for doing this job!  These really do echo the plastic vinyl sleeves that anyone who fingered through racks of vinyl at record fairs in the 80s and 90s.  You slide the inlay tray and booklet in and it just fits so well – no need to crease.

CDs in plastic sleeves from JazzLoft

The Jazzloft CD plastic space saving sleaves

And what is really great is that it goes on the shelf and you can read the side of the sleeve, and they expand or shrink to fit the shelf space available.  These really are a great innovative design – the likes of a Dio, UFO or Scorpions CD in one of these sleeves is a nostalgia trip on it’s own, back I travel in my mind to happy university days flicking through vinyl at Canterbury Rock and my CD shelf no longer looks crowded.

So – I have a combination of both, some sleeves in a box, and the Jazzloft ones neatly on the shelf.  My need to move to the age of downloaded music has been delayed for a bit longer!

Jazzloft CD Sleeves: http://www.jazzloft.com/p-34281-space-saving-cd-sleeves.aspx

CDS Media Sleeves:  http://www.cdsmedia.co.uk/CD/CD_Storage_Sleeves/Polyprop_CDDVD_Double_Gatefold_Wallet.aspx


5 thoughts on “Terrorizer inspiring how I can reduce the space taken up by CDs

  1. Hi Will, I have to admit to being a bit obsessed with reducing the space my CDs take up. An upcoming house move that may or may not be smaller than where we live now has led to me to fixate on space saving CD sleeves when I should be concentrating on the loft full of crap. Although I did manage to transfer nearly a thousand cd singles into some cheapo sleeves I got in the pound shop reasonably well and store them in some ikea cd boxes (80 to a box), it was either that or the charity shop. I do like the look of the jazzloft sleeves, I’ll have to send for some to try.

    • Thanks for reading it Lee! I wasn’t sure if they’d work out but they were great – having 80s metal in those sleaves is back to the days of flicking through boxes at record fairs!

  2. Will,

    Are the jazz loft sleeves archival quality?

    I also want to ensure the CDs remain well protected for the long term.

    Thatnks for the write up.

  3. Will,

    Have you got any of the CDS Media Sleeves recently. If so are they still the same quality/size?



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