Marillion and Chantel McGregor – Cambridge Junction Sep 17th 2012

Marillion have had some good support acts in the past but I’ve never seen one as great as Chantel McGregor

Chantel McGregor live at the Cambridge Junction 2012

Ok I was a bit excited when the night before the gig I saw that she was the support for the evening after already owning her fabulous Like No Other album.  A cheeky smile and audience banter fill the short gaps between the rocky blues songs – but there is more here than great tunes, the truly massive sound she gets from her guitar, fast finger work that looks effortless and I’d imagine anyone watching this would be inspired to want to pick up a six string and give it a go.

Chantel McGregor at the Cambridge Junction

From hard rock to slow blues – a fantastic set displaying amazing musicianship and true to the first track on the debut album tonight Chantel McGregor is Fabulous.  The venue is packed and everyone captivated – you could have easily walked in and though she was the headliner.

Marillion live at the Cambridge Junction 2012

But there is more to come!  GCSEs, A-levels, University, working life – for the last 20+ years of my life I feel I have somewhat grown up with Marillion.  Tonight they start off with Gaza – the epic new track, I like Marillion when they rock out and this track is full of it.  Track two This Town is a personal favourite for me – a regular on my walkman from the cassette era.  New album tracks Power and title track Sounds that Can’t Be Made also feature in the set alongside live favourites (for me) You’re Gone, Great Escape and Fantastic Place.

Tonight their lighting rig is probably about as big as you can fit into the Cambridge Junction – blinding at times forcing you to close your eyes and enjoy the great sounds to the mix of colours.  The venue is more packed (and hot) than I have ever seen it before – reportively this is the only sold out gig on the venues calendar.

Marillion live at the Cambridge Junction 2012

Who just asked for Grendel?

Finishing the set we are treated to not just Sugar Mice – but Garden Party as well.  With Fish era tracks being a rarity in Marillion sets this I think is especially for Cambridge with the references to punting on the Cam.

Thank you Marillion, and thank you Chantel McGregor.  And after watching this I feel inspired again to pick up a dust collecting six string of my own!


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